About Me

Even though I have taken on a number of skip tracing cases for the Sheriff’s Office of Denton, Tx and bail bond agents in the area, I have also undertaken a lot of assignments for corporate houses, genealogy researchers, individuals, legal practices and more.

The cases that come to me from non-law enforcement agencies seldom involve the tracing of suspects. Yes, I have worked with some attorneys who wanted the details of people that had failed to live up to their end of the bargain of a divorce settlement. But other than that, most others investigations were requested for personal or commercial reasons.

For example, the private clients that I worked had sought my help to find distant relatives, high school friends and love interests and even former colleagues. Some of these clients specifically wanted me to help them understand the history of illnesses in their family tree. So, they wanted details on both deceased and living family members and the genetic diseases that they had suffered from or were being currently treated for.

I do similar work for genealogy research establishments across the country. I have worked with Cushing Genealogy Center of Florida, the Locator Ltd of Arizona and International Genealogy Research of Canada. 

My pro bono work is done entirely for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. When handling cases from them, I locate the next of kin of people who have recently passed away and their bodies remain unclaimed in morgues. The coroner’s office passes information on such individuals to the Unclaimed Person’s Network from where it comes to me and I find the friends and family of these decedents.

When people ask me what is the secret of my success as a private investigator, only one response comes to mind- My work is also my passion. I love everything about it, including the investigative work, interaction with my clients and the assimilation of details. So, get in touch with me if you want somebody located.

Feel free to download this report and know more How to find any public records