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The Bergen County Clerk of Court’s office handles the maintenance of judicial records and also their dissemination among public applicants and state criminal justice agencies. Yet, their role in legal processes can only be described as passive since they do not actually contribute towards the investigation or the disposition of a sub judice matter.

The county clerk’s office starts maintaining court dockets for Bergen County, NJ from the time a litigation sees the light of the day in a courtroom. So, for civil matters, this starts at the filing of the case with the court, and for a criminal case, the matter is initiated at the issue of an arrest warrant or at the filing for an indictment hearing.

These court documents keep piling on in the case records till the verdict is delivered at which point the information is permanently stored in the database of court dockets from Bergen County, NJ. The only way in which one can erase or expunge these records is if the court sanctions such a move.

If such an order is passed, the owner of the judicial record can then approach the county clerk’s office. However, till such point civilian applicants can access information concerning criminal matters and civil litigations.

To launch a Bergen County case search, you get a range of options. The simplest and most convenient among these is to look for the judicial records online. Visit the website at
. You will see the tab that reads “online services”. Click on it to find the option to research court documents.

To contact a judicial office in person for any inquiry that pertains to Bergen County court dockets, you can try one of the two locations given below:

  • The clerk of court’s office: One Bergen County Plaza, Rm 110, Hackensack, NJ 07601. The public terminals have judicial records indexed back to 1920’s.
  • The Superior Court of Bergen: 10 Main St, Rm 124, Justice Ctr, Hackensack, NJ 07601. You will find criminal as well civil judicial records through this source. On computer, this information is available from the year 1995 onward.