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Hudson County court documents are a combination of civil and criminal judicial records. A lot of people believe that they will only be told about the judicial disposition of a case when they launch an inquiry on court dockets. Au contraire, with a case search, you can access information on the complete trial if the verdict is out and for everything that has happened up to that point if the matter is subjudice.

There are two options for launching an investigation pertaining to court dockets from Hudson County. You can either get in touch with the Superior Court or the municipal tribunals or you could contact the clerk of court’s office. Although, you will be given the same amount of information on a specific legal matter, the type and extent of information that can be sought will vary.

For example, if we were to talk about the Superior Court, you need to understand that this agency will have judicial records pertaining to criminal as well as civil matters but these cases will have to be handled by them. In other words, if the matter was handled by a tribunal higher or lower in the judicial hierarchy, the Superior Court will not have details on it.

To seek a case search for Hudson County, NJ, online, you can use the website of the state judiciary at The portal works for investigations that are launched to find court dockets from civil tribunals as well as criminal courts.

For in person visits, as explained above, you have two options; the clerk of court’s office and the Superior tribunal. These are located at 583 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306 and 595 Newark Ave, Rm 101 Jersey City, NJ 07306 respectively. You can also get in touch with them by sending your request for judicial records through mail.