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You get similar options for a case search in Monmouth County as in any other geographical division of New Jersey. It is possible to connect with the clerk of court’s department when on a quest to find judicial records or you could take your inquiry pertaining to court dockets to the specific tribunal that handled a certain matter.

It goes without saying that you will need to start with more information to take the second option than if you were to connect with a judicial entity such as the clerk of court’s office. Something also needs to be said here about the responsibilities of the agency, while on the topic of case searches.

For every tribunal in the area, it is the office of the county clerk that has the job of maintaining the court documents. In fact, it is not just information on judicial releases and instruments, but also other case happenings that are included in the court dockets from Monmouth County, NJ.

Despite a well maintained database of judicial records kept by the clerk of court’s department, every tribunal also has the responsibility of keeping information on the matters handled by them. The operative part of that statement is that they are under no obligation to keep details on all cases that were heard by the judicial network.

Hence, if you are keen on a Monmouth County case search, you will be better off taking your inquiry to the office of the clerk of court. The agency provides three options for looking up judicial records. You can use the statewide judicial administration website that can be used to access court dockets connected with criminal and civil litigations. These webpage are available at:


Alternatively, you can visit or write to the judicial office at 33 Mechanic St, Freehold, NJ 07728. The court recorder’s office is also located at this address. So, you can get all publicly available records in the name of the subject. To get in touch with the Superior Court, go to/write to 71 Monument Park, Rm 149, 1st Fl, E Wing, PO Box 1271, Freehold, NJ 07728-1271.