New Jersey Officers Under Threat from Bloods

Early in the morning of July 13 of this year, officers responded to a robbery that was taking place at a Walgreen’s in Jersey City. During the resulting firefight, officer Melvin Santiago was slain and the shooter, one Lawrence Campbell was subsequently killed by police.

Now, although it is unclear whether Campbell was part of a gang, members of law enforcement in New Jersey have received what they consider credible information that the gang known as the Bloods intends to undertake a killing spree on officers in New Jersey.

An advisory issued statewide to officers and officials states that members of the gang might be coming from regions outside of Jersey City to target officers there and potentially across the state. It advised that officers should maintain awareness and be on the lookout for Bloods traversing into Jersey City. It goes on to suggest that the threat involves plans to attack Emergency Medical Technicians as ploys to lure officers to ambush spots.

It was clear that the threat delivered to respond to the slaying of Campbell, the third recent shooting incident involving police in the city.

The information concerning the threat was received through an informant who has proffered valuable intelligence concerning gang-related activity on previous occasions.

Source: Moriches Daily