New Jersey Senator Proposes Body Cams for all Officers

With recent events such as those in Ferguson, Missouri, law enforcement personnel have come under greatly heightened scrutiny. Now, in New Jersey, a proposal is being put forth requiring body cams for all New Jersey officers.

State Senator Shirley Turner plans to introduce a bill requiring that all patrol officers across the state to wear body cameras, devices that work much like dash cams currently installed in many patrol vehicles, only these are designed to be worn by the officers themselves. She says that with the increased consternation with police shootings in recent times, these devices would not only help to resolve those cases, but would in fact protect officers from false accusations by providing definitive audio and video proof of the specifics of such incidents.

The last year has seen many agencies looking to these devices. Police in Los Angeles and New York are currently testing and evaluating the use of these devices and in Pennsylvania, law makers are working towards amending the state’s wiretapping laws to allow the use of body cams.

Supporters of the devices say that they would help to dissuade both officers and suspects to engage in improper conduct during arrests.

Source: Lehighvalleylive