Stopped for a DWI? Follow These Tips from Stephen Lukach III, Esquire

Stephen Lukash III offers his best advice as top DWI attorney in New Jersey. Drivers often forget their right to remain silent. Regardless of the type of questions an officer asks you, you should exercise your right to remain silent and call an attorney. Many times people think they can talk their way out of traffic ticket or arrest, but more often than not, this doesn’t work and they’ve made the problem worse for themselves. Lukach encourages people to resist the urge to try to argue with the officer and keep your mouth closed!

If you are ordered to stop your vehicle for suspicion of DWI or for a different reason, Lukash advises that you stop the car in a safe place, turn off the engine, partly roll down the window and hand the officer your license and registration while placing your hands on the wheel. Do not give consent to search the vehicle unless the police obtain a warrant. Passengers should also use their right to remain silent; in addition they can request permission to leave.

Stephen Lukach III is a DWI attorney in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has been helping drivers defend against DWIs for the last couple of years, and has a high rate of success.

source: SBWire