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There are several options available for an arrest warrant search in Bergen County, NJ. Among these, the most popular seems to be the department of the sheriff, given the sheer number of people who walk into the office of the law enforcement agency in their quest for information on active warrants and arrest records.


The reason why people elect to take this approach when launching a scrutiny into the past of a subject is understandable since cops are responsible for a multitude of tasks throughout the crime handling process. From requesting the local courts to issue active warrants in Bergen county to making arrests and taking the detainees to court for further processing, the police do all of this and more.

Of course, it needs to be mentioned here that they also investigate criminal matters, find evidence against the accused and record testimonies from the witnesses and victims. The information they gather is crucial for the issue of arrest warrants because these orders can only be released upon the establishment of probable cause.

Furthermore, cops keeps information on all Bergen County outstanding warrants and they circulate this among other law enforcement agencies, the judiciary as we all as civilian applicants who are interested in a warrant search. So, to find details on crime history, you can not just go to the office of the county clerk and the magistrate but also to the local police station. These agencies work out of:

  • The sheriff: 10 Main Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
  • The magistrate: As above
  • The clerk of court: One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Bergen County? (By 2021)   

  • For an incident/accident/arrest report, call (201) 336-3500.
  • For information on active warrants call 201-646-3971.
  • For details on recent arrests and inmate arrest records, call (201) 336-7900.
  • For information on victim’s services, call (201) 646-2300.
  • For criminal case court dates and information on accessing criminal judicial records, call 201-221-0700.

Over 18,500 criminal acts occur in Bergen County, New Jersey annually. Of the complaints brought in front of the cops, an estimated 7.5% are against violent crimes. The maximum number of cases filed in this category are against assaults at almost 730 incidents per annum. In terms of property crimes, thefts have the highest occurrence rate at nearly 13,000 complaints per year.