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Although it would be incredibly convenient to launch a Cape May County, New Jersey warrant search online, not every justice agency offers this option. Unfortunately, simply calling the cops or the office of the magistrate to ask about any criminal red flags and arrests in the name of a subject will not help either as crime history data is seldom disseminated over the phone.

This leaves you with just one option- to take the trouble of visiting the office of the agency in person. Of course, this brings most to an all important question; of the local and state agencies, which one should ideally be approached when you seek information on arrest records and outstanding warrants in Cape May County?

Your choice of the state department should be based on the amount and type of information you need. If you merely need crime statistics or generic crime data about your neighborhood like a most wanted list, this can be found with the cops.

Needless to say, law enforcement can also be petitioned to find active warrants from Cape May County in the name of a specific person. In essence, it would be safe to state that there is no better place than the sheriff’s department when you need crime history data. In contrast, when you inquiry needs to bring back more well balanced results, you should try the office of the clerk of court.

This agency acts as the keeper of the court dockets database and they serve the criminal as well as the civil tribunals in the area. So, you will get more than just information on arrest warrants. If it is a family or an insurance dispute that the subject is embroiled in, you can also find out about these cases from the county clerk’s office.

On the same note, the magistrate’s court will be able to supply details on other legal processes like bench warrants, etc issued in the name of this individual. To find these agencies, head over to:

  • Law enforcement: #4 Moore Rd, DN-301/501, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210
  • Judiciary: 9 N Main St, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
  • County clerk: 7 North Main Street, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210-3096

Over the phone, how can you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Cape May County? (2021-current)   

  • For information on arrests, call the Cape May Jail- (609) 465-1233.
    (609) 465-1232.
  • For arrest records, incident and accident reports, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (609) 463-6420.
  • For information on arrest warrants and civil processes such as bench warrants, call the judiciary at 609-884-9525.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Cape May County Attorney’s Office at (609) 465-1135.
  • For, judicial records, contact the Superior Court Clerk at 609-402-0100.

Approximately, 4500 criminal acts are recorded in Cape May County, NJ every year. Of these cases, nearly 300 are of a violent nature which puts the annual percentage of this incident category at just about 8% of the total yearly crime average. There has been an increase of almost 20% in the crime rates of the area from 1999 to 2008.