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If you are looking for information pertaining to arrest warrants in Morris County, New Jersey, you won’t have to go beyond the local justice agencies. As a matter of fact, depending on the state department that you approach, your warrant search can bring back esoteric data on just about every legal matter that the subject was ever involved in.

Let us take the example of the sheriff’s office which is the state agency that starts the warrant issue process. The police request the judiciary to issue active warrants for arrests which are then served by the department. Hence, it is understandable why cops would have details on all legal processes including bench warrants and regular arrest orders issued by the local courts.

Apart from this data, the sheriff’s office will also be able to help you with a most wanted list for the area that you live in and crime statistics for your neighborhood. In contrast, when you approach the magistrate’s court or the county clerk’s office, you will get access to their court dockets database; this repository not only has information on all outstanding warrants from Morris County but also civil case records.

To get your warrant inquiry handled by any of the departments mentioned above, you simply have to get in touch with their offices by visiting in person. Their addresses are listed below; expect to pay a small fee for your warrant search.

  • Office of the sheriff: PO Box 900, Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0900
  • Department of the clerk of court: Administration and Records Building, Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0315
  • The court of the district judge: 38 Washington St, Morristown, NJ 07960

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Morris County warrants over the phone? (Updated-2021)   

  • Inquiries pertaining to recent arrests: (973) 583-0015 / (973) 631-5418.
  • Requests for arrest records: (973) 285-6600.
  • Questions pertaining to warrants: 973-292-6687.
  • Inquiries from victims about the assistance available to them: (973) 285-6200.
  • Requests for criminal court records: 973-656-4000.

In the ten years from 1999 to 2008, approximately 80,000 criminal complaints were brought to light. Of these occurrences, approximately 8% were violent crimes while remaining 92% of the incidents were attributed to property related illicit acts. Overall, there has been an improvement in the crime scenario of Morris County, NJ with a decrease of nearly 50% observed in the crime rates across the board.