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In Essex County, New Jersey, an arrest warrant search can be launched in three ways; you can get in touch with one of the state departments listed below, connect with a private agency or use the most wanted list furnished on the site of the sheriff.The amountand the scope of the information that you can procure from these various sources will be quite different.

State agencies: These offer details on Essex County active warrants and arrest records when a formal request for crime history is placed before them. Departments like that of the county clerk can also provide data on civil cases from their court dockets database apart from information on criminal matters. These government entities can be contacted at:

  • Law enforcement: 50 Nelson Place, Newark, New Jersey 07102
  • Judiciary: 50 W Market St, Newark, NJ 07102
  • County clerk: Hall of Records, Newark, New Jersey 07102

Private establishments: These are non-government agencies that provide details on criminal history for a fee. They work online and usually have details on arrests and outstanding warrants from all over the country. To connect with one such reliable agency, you can use the form above.

Information provided on the sheriff’s website: If you are merely looking for details on arrest warrants that are yet to be served, the simplest way to do so is to simply go through the most wanted list on the website of the police department. You will find this on However, the two factors to remember while using this facility is that the database has no mention of Essex arrest records and not all offenders are included in it. Actually, the most wanted list usually only includes information on the more heinous criminals in the area.

If you need information on Essex County recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • Call the Essex County Jail to learn about recent arrests-(973) 274-7826 / (973) 274-6253
    (973) 274-7670.
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office to request an arrest report- (973) 621-4111.
  • Call the judiciary for details on outstanding warrants- (973) 733-6520.
  • Call the Superior Court Clerk to access judicial records- (973) 776-9300.
  • Call the Essex Attorney’s Office to reach Victim/Witness Services- (973) 621-4700.

Despite a fabulous job on the part of the police which led to a reduction of over 60% in the crime figures of the area, Essex County, New Jersey still ranks among one of the regions in the state with worrisome crime rates. Every year, approximately 38,000 criminal incidents are reported and of these about 20% are violent acts of crime. To add to this, almost 50% of the incidents are reported to have occurred within a mile of the victim’s home or workplace.