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If you are looking for details on the arrest warrants from Salem County, New Jersey issued against a person you know, you certainly can’t go wrong with the office of the local sheriff. Why, local law enforcement does so much more than just sending out its deputies to bring in offenders with outstanding warrants for arrests to their name.

The sheriff’s office will keep all arrest records and they serve all legal processes including criminal summons and bench warrants. Also, they apply for active warrants when these judicial orders are needed to bring in culprits who are accused of commissioning felonious crimes. When the defendant is arrested, his processing is also handled by the cops.

Of course, this is not to say that the judiciary has it easy; the court of the magistrate has to take a call on whether the police case merits the issue of a warrant or not based on the evidence brought before the bench. The sitting judge will also hear witness testimony if this is needed to find probable cause.

On the same lines, the county clerk’s department sends one of its deputies to records the happenings of all sessions held in local tribunals. So, in the court dockets database maintained by this agency, you can find the low down on the issue of all judicial orders including arrest warrants. To get in touch with these state departments for a warrant search, you will have to take a trip down to:

  • The Police: 94 Market Street, Salem, New Jersey 08079
  • The court: 92 Market St, Salem, NJ 08079
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 18, Salem, New Jersey 08079

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Salem County? (2021- Update)      

  • In order to get an arrest report, approach the County Sheriff’s Office at 856-935-7510
  • In order to do a warrant search, call the court at 856-935-1734
  • In order to learn about arrests, contact the Salem County Jail at 856-769-4889
  • In order to connect with victim services, call the Salem County Attorney’s Office at 856-935-7510 x8364
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 856-878-5050

The annual crime rate of Salem County stands at approximately 1200 incidents. Of these occurrences, only about 130 are violent in nature. Between 1999 and 2008, there has been a growth of over 70% in the rates of reported crime and an increase of nearly 80% in violent criminal incidents.