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Arrest warrants from Union County, New Jersey can spell a lot of trouble for the person in whose name they are issued. For one, warrants are never released on the basis of anything else but hard facts which go towards helping the magistrate find probable cause. Once the judge is convinced that the police indeed have enough proof to suspect the individual in question, the active warrant is issued without further ado.

After release, these Union County arrest warrants are sent to the cops for execution. Serving a warrant implies the physical detention of the accused. There are two ways in which the arrest of an offender can be effected. The police can take him in by force or he/she may surrender of his own will. Regardless of how the custodial detention came about, information pertaining to it will be included in the arrest records maintained by the judiciary and the police.

When you initiate a warrants search in Union County, you will get details on such arrest records and orders that have been issued against the suspect. The police may or may not release information on outstanding warrants depending on the crime that is at the core of the matter. However, it is possible to find details on even the most dangerous criminals through the most wanted list posted on the sheriff’s website.

To get an idea about the involvement of your subject in illicit acts, it would help to get a full blown background report from a state agency. Of course, you can also get this data from online establishments that usually keep details on warrant releases and arrests from across the country. If you would rather take your inquiry to an official source, listed below are a few state departments that can help you with your warrant search:

  • The police: Union County Administration Building, 10 Elizabethtown PlazaElizabeth, New Jersey 07207
  • The magistrate’s office: 2 Broad St, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
  • The clerk of court’s department: PO Box 6073, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07407-6073

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Union County? (In the year 2021)    

  • Questions on recent arrests: (908) 558-2601 / (908) 527-2600/ (908) 558-2613
  • Arrest records-related inquiries: 908-527-4450
  • Active warrants-related inquiries: 908-558-6800
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: (908) 527-4500
  • Inquiries about criminal court records: 908-787-1650

Union County, NJ witnessed a whopping 160,000 crimes over the ten years that ended in 2008. Despite a decrease of almost 15% in the rate of violent crime and a dismal, single digit increase in the incident figures of reported crime, every year through the decade, almost 16,000 complaints were lodged with the local police.